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Last stable release

2.15 2007-Jun-21

  • Improved install script for windows MSVC.

Thanks to Christophe Troestler for this contribution.

Previous releases

2.14 2007-Jun-18

  • Improved the INSTALL_WIN32.bat (thanks to Dmitry Bely for suggestions),
  • Changed ODBC2 to ODBC3 as it better reflects the ODBC version.

Thanks to Christophe Troestler for these contributions.

2.13 2007-Jun-18

  • ocamlodbc.mli: Improved the documentation.
  • INSTALL_WIN32.bat: added /DCAML_DLL to cl for the link to work.

Thanks to Christophe Troestler for these contributions.

2.12 2007-Feb-28
Changes: column values of record are now of type string option to distinguish between "no value" and the "NULL" string. The TINYINT type is now recognized.
Fixes: a bug which resulted in truncated fields and so incorrect values.
Thanks to Christophe Troestler for these contributions.
Biniki now uses LablGtk2. Examples and biniki were fixed according to the small change in interface.

2.11 2006-Jun-07
Add: MinGW files: Makefile.nt, configure.nt and Exemples/Makefile.nt, thanks to David Allsopp.

2.10 2005-May-13
Fix: use Unsigned_long_val instead of Long_val macros in some C functions, thanks to Chris for pointing this.
Add: MinGW and SQLserver support, thanks to Jeff Henrikson.
Add: integrate patch from Alessandro Baretta to enable support for dynamic linking.

2.9 2004-Oct-01
New OCamlodbc.execute_gen function from a patch by Leonid Timochouk. Can be used to retrieve large amount of data.

2.8 2004-Mar-01
Cleaning license information in files.

2.7 2004-Jan-21
Added new version of INSTALL_WIN32.bat and new ocamlodbc.DEF file, thanks to Clément Capel. These files are useful to use OCamlODBC with MS-Access.

2.6 2003-Aug-27
Added support for Oracle through the DataDirect "Connect for ODBC" driver.

2.5 2001-Sep-19
- Use of configure,
- Interface name changed from Libocaml_odbc to Ocamlodbc,
- An install target in Makefile.

2.4 2001-July-23

2.3 2001-July-20
- Added some HTML documentation for the interface,
- Added classic interface, i.e. without objects.

2.2 2001-July-09
- Added WIN32 defines in ocaml_odbc_c.c,
- Added files doc/INSTALL_WIN32.bat and doc/INSTALL_WIN32_WITH_OCAMLOPT, explaining how to compile for Win 32, even with ocamlopt. Thanks to John Small. These instructions work also for Informix, according to Andrey Grigoriev,
- Added unixODBC support in ocaml_odbc_c.c and master.Makefile.