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oodoctest download instructions

To get oodoctest, you can either download a compressed archive of the source
code or use bzr ( ) to grab the latest development

Tarball release

Download the latest .tgz release and decompress it using tar, winzip or similar.
Then you can install oodoctest in your python path with::

  $ cd oodoctest-x.x.x/
  $ python setup install

BazaarNG sandbox

Creating your branch of the developement tree is really simple::

  $ bzr branch
  $ cd oodoctest.og.main/
  $ python install

Then you can keep your sandbox uptodate by pulling upstream modifications::

  $ bzr pull

Use `bzr help` to learn how to use bzr or consult the fine tutorial at

You can also directly browse the online repository.


Please consult the project page to send your feedback::